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GORGY TIME offers its range of smart devices including Wi-Fi clocks configurable via a tablet PC.

 Gorgy Timing

For wireless time distribution, we recommend Wi-Fi which represents the following advantages:

  • Easy and simple configuration using a dedicated application on a Touch Tablet.
  • The setting of the tablet takes about one minute.
  • Transmission of parameters to the clock takes a few seconds.
  • In case of configuration of several clocks, the process runs automatically: the tablet will be connected to the clocks on each list as it detects them.
  • The clocks can be synchronized to any standard NTP server using Client / server (unicast) communication mode.
  • No additional network is requested (Use of the existing Wi-Fi network).
  • No proprietary protocol (standard NTP).
  • Indication of the status of synchronization by visual indicator on the clock.
  • Possibility to display customized messages (Ex : fire, freeā€¦).
  • Time distribution via Wi -Fi technology allows the direct connection to the various devices (access points, repeaters...) installed in different locations.
  • All equipment connected via Wi-Fi and properly configured can benefit from time setting by NTP server and its associated precision.
  • The deployment of clocks is simplified to the utmost: all you need to do is to indicate the name of the Wi-Fi network(s) to the receiver clocks as well as encryption keys if necessary, the clocks will connect automatically when they are within the range of a known network.
  • Remote Setting and configuration of local time via a web interface.
  • SNMP supervision and alarm reporting by TRAP.
  • Automatic change for Daylight Saving Time even in case of loss of communication with the NTP server as clock reference.
  • Clocks are reconfigurable without individual wired connection if they have lost the Wi-Fi network (due to modified encryption key, change of NTP synchronization settings ...).
  • Support the following standard protocols: IPv4 & IPv6, NTPv4, SNMPv3.
  • Compatible with WiFi networks IEEE 802.11 a/b/g.
  • Support WEP, WPA & WPA2 encryptions.

We do not recommend time distribution via DHW (Radio Frequency) for the following reasons:

  • Coverage limited to a radius of 250m maximum (exceeding this distance, there must be repeaters; this additional cost is rarely foreseen).
  • Reception of the signal will depend on the structure of the building (inappropriate solution in buildings with metal structure).
  • Each manufacturer has its own system; therefore there is no compatibility between equipment from various manufacturers.
  • Can cause interference to other equipment using High Frequency.
  • More pollution due to additional radio waves.