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Users manual

Important safety instructions

The device must not be used in particular if:

  • It is visible damaged
  • It has humidity marks
 Gorgy Timing WARNING! Read the section that follows very carefully before installing your equipment. It gives the safety instructions to follow during installation.
 Gorgy Timing The electrical installation to which the equipment is connected must comply with the NF C 15-100 standard.
 Gorgy Timing In Europe: to comply with European regulations on the protection of persons and the environment, you must dispose of this equipment in a collection site provided for this purpose (separately from household waste). Contact your reseller, collection site or the competent lcoal authorities for more information.
 Gorgy Timing Modifying or opening the product without the consent of the Customer service department will void the warranty.
 Gorgy Timing All maintenance operation shall be conducted with power shut off, including systems connected on relay outputs if any.
 Gorgy Timing Generally, the power cable (220V) and transmission cable (of time signal) shall not be very close to each other, so as to avoid interference (keep the distance of a few centimeters).
 Gorgy Timing GORGY TIME disclaims all responsibility in case of accident or damage caused by an improper use of the product.

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