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PRODUCTS Digital clocks - hospitals / cleanrooms

Digital clocks for hospitals and cleanrooms

A resolutely professional range of LEDI® hospital clocks

The LEDI® hospital clocks have been especially designed for usein sterile environments such as operating theatres, cleanrooms and in pharmaceutical, microelectronics and food industries.
Our calendar clocks are highly valued for their clear reading of the time in all places where the accurate display of the current date is important.

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Key points:

  • Integrated clock limiting contact with bacteria and dust
  • Timer (built-in touchscreen or remote via web interface)
  • Front panel made of antibacterial safety mineral glass for easy cleaning with disinfectant products
  • Clear and accurate direct reading of the time even at 160° (patented)
  • Dynamic and bright image in 5 colours: red, green, yellow. Optional: blue, cyan, or white.


Our professional LEDI®  Hospital clocks display the same time by synchronising to a master clock or time server. In the standalone and impulse version, the time is set manually.

Choose the most suitable transmission mode for your application:


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LEDI® hospital digital clocks

Among our range of digital clocks for sterile environments, find the models adapted to your needs.

Digit height

Legibility distance

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LEDI® 5S hospital


50 mm

25 m

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LEDI® 7S hospital

70 mm
(sec 50 mm)

35 m

All our digital LED clocks with different types of synchronisation are available in specific and customised versions:

  • Custom design
  • Custom installation
  • Monumental clocks
  • Wide range of housing colours


  • Industry
  • Health


  • Matt anodised aluminium case
    IP 66 protection (after flush mounting and sealing gasket setting).
    Shock resistance IK 9.

  • TCXO Temperature Compensated Quartz Oscillator
    The built-in electronics continuously adjust the quartz frequency according to the temperature variations to ensure an accuracy of a professional clock.
    Operating temperature: between -20o and 50oC.

  • Specific light guides
    CPatented light guide technology provides perfect uniform brightness and viewing angle at 160°.
  • Tri-colour electroluminescent diodes
    The user can change or mix the colour of the display at any time to red, green, or yellow.
    Optional: blue, cyan, or white.

  • Multilingual
    13 display languages: English, German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

  • Power supply
    230V - 12 VDC - 24 VDC - 48 VDC - POE (Power Over Ethernet)