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Our expertise

A multi-purpose production service

 Gorgy TimingOur activity requires work positions which are linked up. Communication is paramount between each step of testing and assembling. The sharing of skills streamlines our organisation and heightens our collective know-how.


Perfect command of our know-how: From design to shipment

The strength of the GORGY TIME production tool stems from the fact that we have full command of all the trades necessary to the production of our products: cabling workshops, mechanical tests, electronic tests, machining, assembling, warehousing, and logistics.

The organisation of production follows a logic of performance and quality. The activities which make up the core of the trade and require know-how and/or reactivity are fully integrated. This is notably the case in the machining (cutting and copper plating / steel engraving of front and rear sides, covers, housings…) a crucial work post for which our company has recently invested into 2 new powerful machines Quality research, lead time and cost considerations may lead us to subcontract other activities out whenever necessary. This is the case for the painting of aluminium shaped parts (Spanish origin) which used to be integrated. This also applies to a part of the cabling using the SMC technology (Surface mounted components as opposed to cross-section components) which has been awarded to a partner company.

 Gorgy Timing


With trade exchanges and competition going global, sourcing has become an alternative to relocating.. Rather than waiting for our suppliers to contact us or looking them up on the internet we go out to meet them, , especially during trade fairs or visits to their plants to evaluate their production quality which needs to at least match if not better our capabilities.

We have as such selected several suppliers in China and Taiwan whose quality and discipline are exceptional. This newly created network provides us with the opportunity to locate new suppliers whilst maintaining our own technological watch unit. This approach which necessitates frequent travelling and elaborate partnerships locally, is a real occasion to discover Asian firms far removed from the usual stereotypes.

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