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GORGY TIME Standards and certification

Standards and certification

Gorgy Time is at the source of the AFNOR NFS 87500 code

Recommended for its completely automatic operation and maintenance-free aspect, the distribution of AFNOR NFS 87500 coded time enables:

  • display of the same time in the entire building;
  • IT synchronisation with ASCII, RS232 or RS 422-485 coded outputs;
  • a 24-V minute impulse to be given on the same line to manage existing clocks and emit the AFNOR NFS 87500 code to synchronise new clocks.
 Gorgy Timing

GORGY TIME is a member of Bpifrance Excellence 2017 (the business community with growth potential selected by Bpifrance).

The company is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

 Gorgy TimingThe quality management system is operational in the company since 2006. The ISO 9001 certification was awarded to GORGY TIME for all its activities, including the design, the most common practice is to refer to the certification of purchase and production activities only.

In this way the company demonstrates its ability to provide product that meets customer and regulatory requirements with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction.
The environment around GORGY TIME 's location, mountains, protected green areas, has made all the staff realized that it is important to control its environmental impact. Therefore it was decided in 2009 to work on ISO 14001 certification in order to obtain it in October 2010.

Based on the quality and environment management system, the company commits to implement a continuous improvement process to ensure control of its performance over time.

Hands on sustainable development

Limited environmental impacts

  • We prefer aluminium to PVC because of its long life cycle and recyclable nature
  • Metal waste caused by machining activities are totally recycled;
  • The company does not release any effluents;
  • The staff is aware of the necessity to reduce any unnecessary waste (plastic cups, printed paper…) ;
  • 2 mini-buses commuting between Grenoble and La Mure help reduce the use of individual cars for our partners and clients;
  • The firm’s activities (especially the welding posts) comply with the European directive RoHS (2002/95/CE) aiming to limit the use of dangerous substances;
  • The firm will also very shortly comply with the new REACH regulations on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restrictions of use of chemical substances.