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The company has developed particular expertise in the following sectors:

  •  Gorgy TimingCivil and military air transport (Rafale, A380, Eurocopter, etc.): accurate dating of timing data in control towers, airports and on board aircraft and helicopters.
  • Rail transport/TGV: time synchronisation on tracks and on trains.
  • Underground trains: accurate timing for the telecom SDH infrastructure and passenger information, synchronisation of date stamp and signalling devices.
  • Maritime transport: wireless timing data transported over the ETHERNET networks, automatic time update when changing time zones.
  •  Gorgy TimingTelecommunications: synchronisation of the flow of VDI information throughout the networks with increasingly accurate time servers (a few nanoseconds).
  • Power stations: extremely accurate time/frequency servers to synchronise load-shedding and perform precision dating of events.
  • Radio and television: time display, programme synchronisation, managing speaking time, synchronisation of mobile digital television transmitting cells, etc.
  •  Gorgy TimingHospitals and emergency services: official time display and precision timing clocks to comply with health standards for operating theatres.
  • Businesses, banks, schools: wireless, economical and reliable time distribution using the ETHERNET network (NTP protocol) and the local radio network.