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Digital clocks

Our range of digital clocks provides an accurate and reliable time display with an estimated life span of more than 20 years.

From businesses to healthcare, our digital clocks are used in many industries

Typical applications range from radio and television studios to banks, offices and administrative centers, hotels, companies, shops, airports, railway stations, energy plants, Schools, universities, swimming pools, hospitals, sports halls and gymnasiums.

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Multiple time synchronisation sources

Our professional HANDI® clocks display the same time by synchronising to a master clock or a time server. In the standalone and pulse versions, the time is set manually.

DCF / TDF (Europe) - AFNOR NFS 87500/IRIG-B - NTP Ethernet 10/100 base T- DHW 869.525 Mhz - Wi-fi (standard IEEE 802.11 B/G - ASCII : RS 485 - Impulsed :Parallel inverse 24V minute receptor- Power Over Ethernet.


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Some of our clients

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Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (Metro), Bayer AG (Pharma), Deutsche Bank, CHU Tanger (Healthcare).

The improvements that make us different:

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Product lifespan of more than 20 years contributing to sustainable development.

Success story

 Gorgy TimingEnlarge the pictureThe LEDI® digital clock is the reference model for time display.

The famous LEDI® 6/60 clock, the iconic model of the GORGY TIME range of diode clocks, created in 1974, has evolved over the years and benefitted from technological advancements and innovations to become the LEDI® 7.60 model that we know today.

This clock remains a contemporary timepiece thanks to its modern design and the quality of the materials used, which still differentiate it from the pale copies recently manufactured in Europe and Asia.